Yoshi distributes packaging machinery and various packaging and clean room products. Machines that Yoshi also distributes include blades, saws, cutters, cutting oil, Bandsaw machines, press brakes, fabrication systems, shearing / beveling machines, and air pollution control systems.


  Clean Room
  Artus Shims
      - Bandsaw Machines
      - Contour Machines
      - Chip Compactors
      - Circular Saws
      - Bandsaw Blades
      - Hole Saws
      - Bandsaw Coils
      - Cutting Oil
Yoshi is the sole distributor in Singapore of a large Japanese company listed on the Tokyo stock exchange which manufactures metal cutting, forming, shearing, and punching machines.

Our company also develops factory automation systems and electronic equipment in addition to machine tools. These products are used in diverse areas such as the auto, computer, camera, and electric appliance industries.

Yoshi also retail and distribute various anti-static products and packaging products. They include:

ESD / Static control products
Anti-Static bubble bags
   -  Anti-Static foam
   -  Shielding bags
   -  Conductive bags & foams
   -  Conductive corrugated box
   -  Conductive Rack
   -  Aluminum bag

Clean room products
   -  Clean room fabric & garments
   -  Clean finger cots
   -  Clean room swabs, mask, head cover, stationery, wipers
   -  Sticky mats
   -  Class 100 clean room bags

   -  Plastic protection sheet
   -  Foam backer rod, foam material
   -  OPP tape, masking tape
   -  Corrugated paper
   -  Silica gel
   -  Packing list envelopes
   -  Carton box

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