Yoshi distributes packaging machinery and various packaging and clean room products. Machines that Yoshi also distributes include blades, saws, cutters, cutting oil, Bandsaw machines, press brakes, fabrication systems, shearing / beveling machines, and air pollution control systems.


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Recycle valuable steel resources, salvage expensive cutting oils,
reduce wasted space and realize a total cost savings.

At last, salvation for industry and the ecology alike. Automatic and complete chip compacting can now be effected on swarf and sludge taken from all forms of metal working operations. Aluminium, stainless, carbon, mild steels, die-cast, and, copper all able to be processed with this unique machine. Add to that, a 95% plus reclamation of expensive lubricants and cutting oils that would normally be lost, this machine by making rubbish into recyclable ingots at 1/50 the size of uncompressed swarf will save on wasted.

Above: Examples of compacted chip waste, reduced to a fraction of their original size, simply by using the CCP SERIES Automaitc Chip Compactor.

Operations and materials may vary; to ensure optimum results we strongly recommend consulting our friendly professional staff for expert guidance.


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