Yoshi distributes packaging machinery and various packaging and clean room products. Machines that Yoshi also distributes include blades, saws, cutters, cutting oil, Bandsaw machines, press brakes, fabrication systems, shearing / beveling machines, and air pollution control systems.

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| Artus Shims

Plastic or aluminium Artus Shims in color- the color tells the thickness. In plastic or aluminum, we offer a choice of 15 thicknesses, from .0005 to .060, each with its own color for instantly accurate identification. In packages of 15 different thicknesses and three standard sheet sizes; 5x20, 10x20, and 20x20 inches. Also, economy packs of 12, single-thickness sheets. Brass, steel and stainless shim stock available too.

Identify different thicknesses at a glance - even .001- for quicker, more accurate assembly and alignment. Precision made, standard or custom, the shims are durable, non-hygroscopic, and impervious to oil.

Colour and thickness chart

.040, .050, .060 inche thicknesses are available in clear plastic
.007, .012, .060 inche thicknesses are available in natural aluminum

Our motor mount shims are precision engineered for thickness accuracy through a range of thicknesses. At whatever thickness, the shims are burr-free, corrosion resistant, and are non-compressible.

Made to withstand the toughest wear, our spacers come in linen or canvas grade phenolic. Also in nylon in optional colors. They prevent scratching or marring of the metal strips during take-up. This protection is particularly important to materials with a bright finish. Spacers that are less than 1/8 thick can be made from durable, economical plastic shim stock material.

Whatever your choice of material, you'll find our quality spacers easy to use and low in cost.



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